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concrete additives


Water repellents

Integral, durable and water-repellent impregnation from the inside.

Purest silane technology is transformed into mineral components and blends in well with the cement paste matrix.

Full cement compatibility guarantees long-term protection of the substance against solving water reception.

EcoPhob®-additive technology


Mix Optimizers

Ensuring a balanced combination of concrete minerals.

Specific raw material formulations provide perfect control of the applicable processing parameters, as well as the physical and chemical properties, already in manufacturing process.

The right setting in each situation.




A dense concrete structure is the basis of success.

The BETRA Tenside- and PCE-Systems enhance the results of the pressing process already in the mixer. From reducing to extremely increasing the amount of water added to the mix to give you to obtain the very best cement paste at excellent yield rates.

CemAktiv- and Kolloment-additive


EcoPhob®-additive technology


CemAktiv- and Kolloment-additive


BETRA product line

EcoPhob ®

Premium silane technology based on the purest raw materials to sustainably reduce water absorption, fully compatible with the reactive components of mineral binders, and therefore suitable for universal use with all concrete types.

Plasticizing and improved hardening properties complement a reliable, comprehensive hydrophobic coating.

Manufacture fully and exclusively takes place in our mixers and on the basis of BETRA - Emulsion Technology.

Short response times, application-specific options, on the best and fairest terms - EcoPhob®

Emulsified and anhydrous hydrophobic coatings, made in Germany.


Traditional hydrophobic additives based on silane emulsion technology.

Extensive and durable reduction of water absorption in mineral building materials.

The water absorbency of concretes used for concrete paving stones, (hermetic-) slabs is sustainably reduced.

Plasticizing properties guarantee improved concrete compaction, in particular, when combined with the applicable CemAktiv-Additives.

HydroPhob-Agents comply with the requirements stipulated by EN 934-2:T.9 (sealants).



High-quality silane / siloxane emulsion technology to reduce water absorbency.

OsmoPhob-Additives make it possible to produce concrete goods, i.e. cement-bound construction materials in general and in particular high-quality face concretes, with significantly reduced water absorbency.

Plasticizing properties increase the density of wet concrete.

Concrete compaction becomes easier and the concrete more homogenous, for more even surfaces.

The diffusivity of building materials remains unaffected at all times.


Universal calcium stearate additives to avoid moisture-induced efflorescence.

The watery dispersions are particularly well-suited for the manufacturing of earth-moist concretes, and in particular for core concretes used in the paving block range.

Color intensification and uniform consistency despite increased water addition are some of the additional effects that can be achieved depending on the formulation.



Innovative tenside technology used to systematically modify the properties of wet concrete.

The exclusive use of synthetic raw materials guarantees a sustained and constant manufacturing process of concretes, especially of concrete paving blocks.

CemAktiv-Additives offer a wide range of possibilities from the increased compactibility of core concretes to significantly increased water addition whilst sustaining a uniform concrete consistency.

CemAktiv-Additives support the manufacturing process particularly in case of varying amounts of intrinsic moisture and process parameters of the source materials used.


CemEffekt-Additives specifically improve the properties of wet and hardened concretes.

Depending on the combination of active agents, CemEffekt-Additives provide for deaerating or air-entraining properties of wet concrete during concrete processing, acceleration or deceleration of cement-containing mixtures.

These concrete additives make it possible to produce special, processing-specific qualities of hardened concrete.



Traditional fatty/oleic acids technology to promote the compactability and ease of processing of concrete mixtures with low water / cement values.

Pigmented concrete goods become more brilliant, capillary activity is reduced and subsequent water absorption of the hardened concrete is minimized.
The concrete additives produce good compacting results as well as improved early and final strength, accordingly.

Colorint-Additives are suitable for reducing efflorescence.


BETRA-concrete additives

The substance and structure of concrete changes over time. External influences, weather conditions and regular wear cannot only become an aesthetic problem and cause efflorescence, but material aging is also often accompanied by undetected technical risks and entails issues of material safety and optimized material use.

BETRA-Concrete Additives act as a stimulant for concrete and provide optimum surface protection through densification and hydro-functional structure changes. 

Our customers choose different combinations of additives for hydrophobing and plasticising their concrete goods. We have been conducting research in the optimization of concrete additives for more than 30 years now and provide our customers with concrete optimizing and compacting products that dictate the pace in the evolution of building materials. High-quality concrete optimizing pays off in many ways: maintenance and cleaning costs are reduced measurably and a prolonged service life of building materials increases efficiency.



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