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purchase conditions

Within the course of the growing degree of digitisation in the transport industry, we would like to state the following with respect to deliveries made to our company:
We would like to inform you that any goods delivered to our company shall be “accepted conditionally” pending final approval.
The initial visual inspection performed by our Warehouse Manager upon acceptance of the goods does not allow for the conclusion that the goods are in perfect condition.

In this step, only the following can be evaluated:

- condition of the packaging units (OK, clean, dirty, damaged

- completeness (amount)

- obvious defects (yes/no)

Then the goods shall be forwarded to our Quality Management Department. Pending approval by the Quality Management Department, the goods are considered as “accepted conditionally”. Also, any printed declarations enclosed with the shipping documents (to the extent that those are being sent anymore, in the first place) that may be worded identically or similarly such as “goods accepted completely and in perfect condition” shall be accepted conditionally, only.

Final approval for the use in production/storage shall be reserved to our company Quality Management Department, which will carry out a 100 % inspection of the delivery. These inspections shall be carried out promptly and within a maximum of five working days so that you may receive feedback as soon as possible in the event of any irregularities.
The aspect of conditional acceptance shall from now on form part of our Purchase Conditions.