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surface protection


Water Blockers

Blocking water and humidity permanently and without compromise!

IntraDuro® TopSeal BW makes it a straightforward task of the spraying and rolling process.

Deep penetration, short drying times and safe handling for long-term protection.

IntraDuro® TopSeal WB


Fast Dryers

High-performance drying under all conditions: of course!

IntraDuro® TopSeal LEC features unique drying properties and very low thermal energy consumption.

This highly efficient and resource-friendly coating system excels in best protective properties.

IntraDuro® TopSeal LEC


Abrasion breakers

Guaranteeing long-term protection under the most difficult conditions!

NanoLux UV II is a high-end surface coating system applied using rollers that renders peak performances in UV-technology.
Excellent hardening properties, optimized scratch resistance, chemical resistance, absolutely easy-to-clean surfaces, glossy or matt.

When better is not enough. 

NanoLux UV II


IntraDuro® TopSeal WB

IntraDuro® TopSeal LEC

NanoLux UV II


surface protection systems

Surface protection systems must be safe, efficient and durable.

IntraDuro® TopSeal - Coatings are the essence of continuous development efforts, customer dialogue on a day-to-day basis, and the pioneering spirit to set tomorrow’s standards today.

IntraDuro® TopSeal - Coatings provide for unrivaled safety, smooth processing, and are the first choice for dealing with all kinds of challenges.

Save time and lead the market now -

IntraDuro® TopSeal-Coating systems

The RonaZep-Coating System is used as a universal, sustainable and profitable impregnation on the wet side.

The long-term results of using extremely alkali-resistant polymeric dispersions for enduring color brilliance are rather impressive, guaranteeing enduring color brilliance and maximum customer satisfaction - but with minimum effort.

Minimal effort for maximum results -

RonaZep-Coating systems for the wet side


The perfect appearance of washed concrete surfaces - integrated into the process!

TopGloss - Coating Systems are suitable for the immediate coating of direct washed concrete surfaces that are still wet. Polymeric dispersions displace the wash-water substantially improving the cleaning properties, contrast and brilliance of concrete surfaces.

Maximum added value - integrated into the process right from the start.

TopGloss-Coating systems for direct fresh-washed concrete surfaces

Macro-performance with nano particles!

The intelligent formulation of nanoscale polymers offers not only impregnating but also coating properties. The product range includes glossy and matt, water and oil resistant, as well as visible and invisible surfaces.

These balanced formulations can be used on almost all mineral substrates - be it high density or absorptive!

HydroStop-Nanoscale Hybrid systems

HydroHybrid Oberflächenschutz

NANO-functional surface protection systems, water and oil repellent, color-neutral drying.

These treatment systems are newly formulated fluorinated polymer dispersions.

The special design allows for the treatment of concrete goods on the wet and dry sides of the production process.

Neobelle NOI Sealer - water and oil repellent impregnation

The essence of innovative polymer technology!

New process technologies make it possible to formulate high-end coatings on a polydisperse level.
Our colloid technology combines previously unavailable raw materials with safe processing.

These innovative formulations meet the full range of requirements - from anhydrous to highly disperse, from thermal drying to UV-hardening coating systems.

NanoKoll® - reliable, innovative and unique process technology


True surface protection!

What use is the most beautiful gloss when there is fermentation going on below the surface? What counts is the content! BETRA - Surface Protection Systems enter deeply into the capillary compound and are used both on wet and dry side of the concrete. Our surface protection can be adjusted to individual material requirements.

 BETRA customers reap the benefits of a flexible modular system. Be it UV-protection, the simple and effective cleaning of treated surfaces and/or color protection, BETRA – Surface Protection systems meet the requirements of even the most discerning customers.

The dirt-repellent properties of our surface protection systems combine aesthetic qualities, functionality and the highest ecological standards.

BETRA products provide for impregnation against corrosion and dirt, hydrophobia and individual special coatings. Our mission is to do justice to the growing demand for high-quality and aesthetic modern building and construction materials – to the benefit of our customers.


requirements specifications

Stufe 1


  • color-neutral to slightly shade intensifying
  • use on dry side
  • short-term basic protection, water and oil repellent
  • self-cleaning visible surfaces
Stufe 2


  • shade intensifying
  • increase of color brilliance
  • use on wet and/or dry sides
  • discreet basic protection
Stufe 3


  • shade intensifying
  • matt or glossy appearance
  • use on wet and/or dry sides
  • increased resistance of visible concrete surfaces
  • stable to mid-term protection
  • easy-to-clean visible surfaces
Stufe 4


  • shade intensifying
  • semi-matt appearance
  • use on dry side
  • increased resistance of visible concrete surfaces
  • UV-resistant and weather-proof
  • mid-term protection
  • easy-to-clean visible surfaces
Stufe 5


  • 17 % renewable raw materials, solvent-free
  • free from volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • use on dry side
  • matt or glossy appearance
  • increased resistance of visible concrete surfaces
  • chemical-resistant
  • inhibits growth of algae and moss
  • good frost and heat resistance
  • reduced dirt absorption
  • long-term protection
  • very easy-to-clean visible surfaces


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