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technical lab


Rolling at its best

All surface coating systems can be processed with rollers in a technical lab under realistic test conditions. The technology used exactly corresponds to the standard set for coating lines.

Answering questions, understanding the context und making the right decisions - a matter of course for us!

Hands-on technology.


Spraying in all its brilliance

We use state-of-the-art pulse-jet technology to apply sprayable surface coatings with perfect precision.
The systems installed in coating lines often match the technologies we use.

Our application engineers are happy to provide tips and tricks for handling and using the spraying system.

First-Level Support right from the start.


Efficient drying!

Experiencing efficient and application-oriented drying technologies in action.

Be it a simple preheating zone or high energy emitters: our technical lab offers the full range.

Ultraviolet radiation can be applied using mercury or gallium lamps.

Energy - in-process slow-burner.


surface-technical lab

The future of surface coating lies in ecologically sustainable production methods that do not require solvents. BETRA is puts a premium on researching and developing this new and forward-looking generation of solvent-free coating systems in our own, specially designed “surface lab” at our headquarters in Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren.

As early as June 2013, BETRA was able to announce that its latest project had come to fruition and that the necessary refurbishments were concluded. State-of-the-art roller application technology for surface coating is now complemented by the innovative step of pre-drying and curing of the rolled-on surface coatings by means of a fully automated, adjustable IR-curing belt providing different frequency ranges.

Manufacturers of concrete goods are able to coat their own, original size products with individual protection systems in real-time and thus promote the development of their own ideas. Turning away from using solvents is one of the most recent innovations in the field of surface coating. Eventually, it is the goal to manufacture an environmentally neutral product that still provides long-lasting, high quality surface protection.

BETRA’s own technical lab thus complements the regional research landscapes and is also available to customers and raw material providers to assist them in their own testing and application efforts.


testing technology

Immediately after the surface tests, the concrete goods that were coated in the technical lab are processed further.

As an integral component of our technical lab, we dispose of various essential test devices that enable us to test for all kinds of different circumstances relevant to concrete technology. Given that our own staff his qualified to perform all of the above tests, no external testing institutions need to be commissioned and long return periods are eliminated.

Directly after processing, all applied surface protection systems are durability-tested using state-of-the-art QUV spray simulation technology.

test methods for surface protection systems

  • Energy assessment and drying behaviour
  • Soiling tendency and cleaning behaviour
  • Rapid weahtering simulation QUV
  • Abrasion behaviour
  • Stereo microscopy with digital data processing
  • Colour fastness and transparency assessments
  • Natural weathering

test methods contcrete

  • Pressure and - und tensile load tests
  • Water absorption according to EN 1338/1339
  • Capillary suction behaviour
  • Flow spread
  • Air void content
  • Gross density
  • Solidification times
  • Standard stiffness
  • Efficiency tests



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