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BETRA GmbH, a company specializing in the development of concrete additives and functional surface protection, fully recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).



The term “quality" is short for "suitability for the intended use" and not only refers to products and services, but to all corporate activities.



Voluntary commitments are an effective method to implement the preferred social and political goals.As a modern company operating in the chemical industry,


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Ethics and Philosophy
BETRA GmbH, a company specializing in the development of concrete additives and functional surface protection, fully recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our corporate management and objectives are decisively influenced by environmental protection, social commitment and a commitment to the continuous development of our employees and trainees following a modern HR-approach.

Our company routine and mission statement are characterized and guided by mutual respect between our management, owners and employees within the company, the promotion of constructive cooperation with our business partners and the general public, and in particular, by a very intensive dialogue with our customers.

Management in terms of our CSR
The company management considers good leadership as the reasonable delegation of responsibility and the promotion of individual creativity for the benefit of everyone involved. We are convinced that our corporate goals can be attained most effectively when we integrate all employees into a network of mutual responsibility, in accordance with their individual technical and social skills, in order to actively participate in the development of BETRA GmbH.
Being one of the leading suppliers of chemical additive systems for the concrete goods industry, BETRA GmbH calls for and promotes the industry-wide responsibility towards nature and people of manufacturers, transport companies and our customers from the processing industry alike. We are convinced that the implementation of high environmental standards will not only lead to improved product quality, but also strengthen the public’s acceptance of and trust in Germany’s standing as a location for the chemical industry and the chemical sector as an innovative industry with high employment potential.

Corporate ethos: Environmental protection
The responsible use of scant resources is a comprehensive corporate goal. For us at BETRA GmbH, this means to breathe life into the abstract generic concept of sustainability and implement it actively in our daily business. In our opinion, tomorrow’s business must be embedded in an environment of sustainability that is supported and accompanied by political measures and the science community. The efficient use of our production factors and the responsible management of environmental resources are the guiding principles of our strategic and operative corporate decisions. We are committed to these goals and support all those who undertake to promote an intact environment with their actions and operations for the benefit of health and social coexistence. BETRA GmbH actively advocates these goals among partners, associations, chambers and customers.

Participation of stakeholders and the public
The codification of our CSR-guidelines is consistent with our corporate mantra: innovative corporate action can only lead to long-term success if the interests of all stakeholder groups are considered: customers, suppliers, employees, creditors and owners, but also and in particular the public, as well as public institutions have a justified interest in transparent and ethically sound corporate management.

Cooperation makes it easier for everyone involved to implement and regularly adjust the goals of sustainability, environmental protection, as well as social standards because all parties to the process can be equally made aware of their share of responsibility and opportunistic behavior can be restricted this way. Open and transparent communication fosters a culture of creative dialogue and supports a process of operational evolution that is attuned to society.
Following the "Open House"-principle, we maintain an open dialogue with political and legal institutions and with the interested local public. BETRA GmbH practices an open door policy to promote transparency and the generic principle of direct communication.

Human Resources
BETRA GmbH is a certified training organization and has as such been maintaining close cooperation with the local vocational schools and the university of applied sciences for years. Training future generations is both a mandate and an opportunity to us.
For us, the intergenerational dialogue is a symbol of peaceful coexistence. Economic success will not least depend on whether the knowledge transfer from the older to the junger generation succeeds and well-trained young talents develop new ideas and fresh impetus for the benefit of the company and its customers. We consider intensive mentoring to be part and parcel of our corporate ethics. We offer in-house training to promote environmental awareness, professional qualification and personal initiative among our employees. The constant professional and personal development of our employees offers individual career opportunities to our employees and, to BETRA GmbH, a competitive advantage in an increasingly international market.


The term “quality" is short for "suitability for the intended use" and not only refers to products and services, but to all corporate activities.

BETRA GmbH was founded in 1987 in Paderborn as a trader and manufacturer of building materials and process engineering. Since 1999, the company is specializing in the production of high-quality concrete additives and surface protection systems. The company was the first producer of chemical concrete additives in Europe to implement innovative additive systems on the international concrete goods market. So our customers expect the continuous and innovative further development of our product portfolio. Hence it is indispensable for us to not only conduct constant research on the international raw materials market, but also to do justice to our customers’ wishes. Due to this philosophy that is endorsed by all our employees, we are able to successfully defend our leading position on the European market every day.

We want

  • high-quality, environmentally friendly products and procedures
  • fullfill the requests of our customers optimally
  • internal flows improve constantly

For us, quality is more important than avoidable low prices. Our delivery program encloses a coordinated system of products , which allows every customer to produce qualitively products as well as ecomomically.

Our sales employees play a key role in our company. Their activities focus on customer acquisition and product sales. Moreover, they provide technical support to our customers and perform an analysis of the market and competition that is indispensable to our products and without which we would not be able to compete on the market. Our sales force is the link to our customers, so it is substantially involved in the further development of our technologies. Reliable exchange of information is of essence here.

We regularly adjust our quality management system with respect to the current requirements. We know that even given the utmost care, errors can never be completely ruled out. Therefore, we always strive for improvement and hope to be rewarded by the trust of our customers in our products.

The team that developed our quality policy regularly checks it for its accuracy and adequacy, and if necessary, updates and revises it.


Environmental policy
Voluntary commitments are an effective method to implement the preferred social and political goals. As a modern company operating in the chemical industry, one of the core interests of our corporate philosophy is to align our research and development activities with the objectives of ecological sustainability.

Our product development, manufacturing, and sales concepts are based on this commitment that BETRA GmbH has been successfully documenting for years by means of regular certification procedures. The use of raw materials with minimal environmental impact, optimized and resource-efficient manufacturing processes, as well as investments in energy efficiency are all important building blocks of our strategic investment policy.

Environmental measures and research-based product development are management functions and are as such consistently geared towards an ecological turnaround of business and society. We strive to combine ecological and economic goals and thereby to drive the innovative process of developing new ideas and sustainable concepts for our industry forward.

Regular auditing and investments in preventive technologies to avoid environmental damage support us in the early detection and elimination of environmental effects and possible risks for people and nature that might occur in the manufacturing and processing of chemical products.
Using mostly environmentally compatible raw materials as well as constantly revised recycling concepts, we succeeded in constructing a value-added chain that intends the cooperation with other companies, i.a. logistics companies, that also follow the requirements set forth in ISO-Standard EN 14001 and regularly implement auditing procedures to optimize their economic and ecological processes.

Our suppliers commit themselves to our corporate philosophy by signing an agreement that stipulates compliance with our environmental and safety standards as of the moment they enter into a business relationship with us.

Implementing of the European standard ISO 14001
The ISO 14001 standard, which was amended in 2015, made the requirement for the improvement of environmental performance considerably more stringent. This makes companies more aware of their environmental responsibility. BETRA GmbH takes this responsibility offensive and promotes the constant minimization of its environmental impact with its company-owned environmental infrastructure and goes beyond voluntary requirements with voluntary self-commitments.

Regular revisions of our safety precautions in the handling of chemical substances, investments in energy efficiency, as well as the consistent implementation of the afore-mentioned concept of a “green" value-added chain that also captures our suppliers and customers allow us to be a driving force in the current turnaround in climate policies.

Society today needs to be able to effectively substantiate the concept of sustainability and fill it with life. We implement these goals by making environmental management a mainstream and leadership task. All products and processes from BETRA are based on this commitment.


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